Page Speed Test

Web page optimization streamlines your content to maximize display speed. Fast display speed is the key to success with your website. It increases profits, decreases costs, improves customer satisfaction, search engine rankings, accessibility and maintainability.

Streamlining transforms your pages to display navigable content faster, and to defer or delay off-site content. In this chapter, you'll learn how to reduce HTTP requests, convert to semantic markup to more easily style with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), optimize graphics and multimedia, and to defer or delay the loading of off-site content.

Why is page loading speed test important for your SEO?

Page Loading Speed Test

A page load speed test is absolutely crucial for building search engine rankings. This is because for any page to rank near the top of Google search engine results today, it needs to have technical SEO and optimization performed on it. With the help of a free speed test you can make sure that your page loading speed stacks up against the competition. Making sure that your page can load just as fast as your competitors will ensure that all of your other SEO marketing tactics can also work.

When people simply optimize for backlinks or keywords, they completely ignores the actual page design as well as how it loads responsively on mobile devices. With the help of page speed test you can ensure that your page is loading respectfully quick for your niche. As Google will punish various pages which are not optimized, carry dead links or content or that have large and unresponsive designs, you can't afford to be left behind with your page loading speed.

A page load can not only affect your SEO ranking, but it can affect your customers. According to statistics, if a page takes more than 4 seconds to load, this can often lead to a huge spike in abandonment rates on a page. A high bounce rate on a page can make your Google search engine ranking suffer as well. With abandonment rates on pages that take over 10 seconds to load at over 30%, your website will need optimization with the penalty of losing out on a potential 1/3 (third) of your business.

One Second Page Loading Speed Statistics

The same page load statistics can be found across mobile search engine results. If a mobile page takes between 6 and 10 seconds to load, 30% of users suggest that they would abandon the page. An astounding 64% of users suggested that, if a page takes more than 15 seconds to load on their mobile device, they would abandon the page. Focusing on your mobile optimization could be crucial to retaining your customers and your search engine rankings.